Feature Requests - for PHP development

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Feature Requests - for PHP development

Post by samiam_68 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:47 pm

Excellent IDE - I enjoy using it and would like to make it my main development tool, but several features are lacking that would make this truly a world-class product for web development. I am moving away from Komodo and hoping to be fully on CL. While Komodo has great features, it is extremely buggy, slow, and unstable. CL has been rock solid, but missing some much needed features.

1. FTP support - you have excellent SFTP browser built in, but strangely not regular FTP.

2. FTP/SFTP Sync. There is currently a way to automatically save to the SFTP server every time a local file is saved, but that does not work well for a typical develop->publish cycle. Can a right-click option be added to the project explorer where specific files/folders can be uploaded/downloaded/sync'ed on request?

3. Split window view. Sometime when working with large source code files it would be very helpful to be able to view different parts of the file at the same time. Most programming editors have this ability.

4. Enhanced code folding for PHP - current folding does not support PHP's extended syntax for alternate endings, for example:
if ($a == $b) {
do something...
will get folded just fine, but:
if ($a == $b) :
do something...
will not be foldable.

5. Comment folding - would be nice to be able to fold multi-line PHP comments and also have an option where they are set to fold automatically when opening files.

6. HTML tag auto-close - can this be an option that can be turned off? When inserting a tag in a specific place that is meant to surround existing code and be closed further down in the code, the auto-close is not desirable. However, typing "</" to close a previous tag currently works brilliantly!

7. HTML tag attribute auto completion - when inside a tag, can the auto-suggest come up with tag attributes when pressing space, for example id="" or src="", etc.

8. File modified on disk notification to reload. This would be extremely useful when working with GIT and frequently switching branches using command line.

Thank you very much for your hard work in this project!