Copyright Plugin Usage!

Post here any ideas/problems/suggestions you have regarding CodeLite's CodeFormatter (AStyle) plugin
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Copyright Plugin Usage!

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Sorry guys to post my question under CodeFormatter topic.
I am trying to find out how to use Copyright plugin but unfortunately I have found nothing online to help me learn about the plugin usage.
can someone give me a sample copyright template file to read.
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Re: Copyright Plugin Usage!

Post by eranif »

For CodeLite, I use this file: ... e_prefix.h

You can create you own ASCII art from here: ... t=CodeLite

To avoid re-adding the same copyright block to the same file, you should provide a unique string that exists in the template file that once CodeLite "sees" it, it won't re-add it
For example, for CodeLite I use this pattern (its one of the lines from the template file):

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