CodeLite revision 1202 is out

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CodeLite revision 1202 is out

Post by eranif »

CodeLite revision 1202, has now been released at SF.

Main changes from revision 1145 -> 1202:
* fixed: On lInux svn report which was generated from the explorer view, failed to open the link to the 'unversioned files'
* resource compiler is now not set in the makefile when not needed
* [Feature#1912717] User can now select a tab be used for the find in files results (from 5 possible tabs)
* Fixed bug#1913351: Replace may recurse into itself
* 'Find' now starts the search from the current position
* updated SVN icons
* project icon replaced with yellow cubes instead of the blue
* 'Yes' button is now the default answer for the 'Yes/No/Cancel' dialog
* CodeLite will now re-generate the makefile upon all changes that requires makefile re-generation, especially changes in environment variables and build settings
Svn icons now applies to all files (including files & virtual folders)
* svn icons now checks project files as well
updated the breakpoint tab to be list control.
double clicking on a breakpoint, now jumps to the file/line
* Find in files matches now allows single click for opening the matched file
* Improved 'Open Type' dialog (more fields in the dialog, arrows key up/down now working)
* New class dialog, will now includes scope of parent class (when selecting parent class)
* Backward/Forward navigation fixed: it now remembers the last 'Next' position as well
* Fixed 'new compiler' default g++ settings
* gcc warnings of this form : <file>:line:col: <text> are now handled properly
* build output now marks the file name + line number as hyper link
* All dialog's notebook have been replaced with the native notebook (wxNotebook), except the main editor's notebook & panes
* Editor's settings dialog: the general page is now splitted to 3 pages
* Editor's settings dialog: the list box in the syntax highlight tab, is now fixed size
* Splashscreen is now optional and can be turned on/off from Settings -> Editor -> General page, by default it is turned off
* Increased the Tags Options dialog to 500,450
* updated fixes for Linux 'Release Unicode' configuration
* Svn is now refreshed on the following conditions:
OnFileSave, OnFileRemoved, OnFileAdded (configurable from the UI)
* CC now properly supports arrays of variables (char *argv[], int arr[100][23] etc.)
* Ctrl+C key binding is now supported in the Output Pane's tabs - Find Results & Build
* more fixes to array and CC
* removed build warning
* 'Symbols Dialog' (resolve ambiguity) is now focused properly and keyboard can be used to navigate between results
* added new 'Collapse All' button to the workspace pane
* refactored the workspace pane to be in single class
* fixed crash of wrong type casting
* replaced the 'Collapse All' to toolbar
* removed toolbar' divider from output pane toolbars
* g++/gcc compiler regex will now detect windows full path properly
* fixed bug when the SVN menu may have been appanded twice
* fixed a case when Subversion plugin can cause a deadlock
* Svn commit dialog will no longer add empty comments
* added new option in editor's tab menu, which allows user to copy the file's abs path to clipboard
* added fallback scenario in case the 'DispatchCommand' does not find the focused window (in such case it fallsback the active editor)
* minor fixes with Svn plugin
* Fixed bug# 1867296 - Num pad delete key does not work
* numpad insert now behaves the same way as regular 'Insert'
* added new 'Add' link to unversioned files in the SVN report
* the SVN report is now auto refreshed once a file has been added/reverted
* added post install step to .deb file
Download: ... r.Download
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Re: CodeLite revision 1202 is out

Post by Satervalley »

I love this IDE. :D
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