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LLDB Debugger for OSX - call for testers

Posted: Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:45 pm
by eranif
I am happy to announce that the initial LLDB plugin is ready for testing
Atm, you can download codelite with the plugin from here (OSX only) ...

This also contains the entire change set as described here (the one under the "Whats new in version 6.0" section)

Note about the debugger tooltip
To view vriables using the tree-like tooltip you need to move the mouse over the text inside the editor
and click the CMD/Control button
By default, codelite will try to evaluate the word under the mouse pointer, if you want something more complex, make sure you select it first and then click the CMD button

Changing the debugger is easy:
Project settings > Common Settings > General > Debugger, and select 'LLDB Debugger'

See this screenshot:
You can also use LLDB without a project, go to the Menu Bar:
Debugger > Quick Debug

Again, make sure you select "LLDB Debugger":
The plugin was built and tested on OSX 10.8 and should run on OSX 10.9 as well.
Please post on this thread if you encountered any problems