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Using Paypal

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 9:20 am
by vmanstar
How can I get the codelite IDE software, since I will not utilize Paypal due to the fact that a credit card scam artist was using it to skim my credit card via paypal without any of the usual protections (that is to say, know how you usually have to provide the correct address for a purchase to be authorized with credit card numbers? well, the skimmer was using my credit card number, stolen from a merchant system, but did not have MY address associated with the skimming activity. Yes, I have reported the scam, but now I do not feel save using PayPal for anything, and I am seeking a good IDE system to resume programming as I cannot afford the high cost of the MS Visual Studio Suite.

It would be nice if this community would hook up with a valid credit card processor so that those who do not want to work with PayPal for everything can still be involved.

I understand I can get the system without paying, but what if I am willing to contribute to the community without using paypal?
Thanks for considerations


Re: Using Paypal

Posted: Sat Nov 14, 2015 4:46 pm
by eranif
You don't have to show your appreciation by donating money, there are other useful ways to support CodeLite:

If you have a blog - throw a good word on CodeLite, mention us in a post or something ;)
If you are a coder - just grub the sources and fix bugs / issues
If have a design skills - we can always appreciate new logos, etc
If you are good writing skills - you can always write short tutorials (even on plain text and I will convert into wiki pages, or I can give you wiki write access)
You can always use CodeLite and report bugs (this is very much appreciated)