ubuntu-latest on github action changed to Ubuntu-22.04

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ubuntu-latest on github action changed to Ubuntu-22.04

Post by Jarod42 »

github action has changed recently ubuntu-latest from Ubuntu 20.04 to Ubuntu-22.04

Do you know the difference about Codelite between those 2 versions?

Retrieved by:

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    - name: sudo apt-get update -y
      run: sudo apt-get update -y

    - name: sudo apt-get install -y codelite
      run: sudo apt-get install -y codelite

Currently testing premake to generate codelite projects, and they now fails on ubuntu :-/

From CI build, I go from working:

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"clang++"  -c  "/home/runner/work/premake-sample-projects/premake-sample-projects/projects/project-00/src/main.cpp"  -o obj/up_up_src_main.cpp.o -I. 

to erroneous

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"clang++"  -c  "/home/runner/work/premake-sample-projects/premake-sample-projects/projects/project-00/src/main.cpp"  -o ./build-Release//up_up_src_main.cpp.o -I.

I suspect it is the Makefile Generator option.

Not sure the expected value for Ubuntu (premake generates projects without that field, Locally (on windows), it default to "Default" and works)

I try to fix premake by adding missing <BuildSystem Name="Default"/> but without success yet.

Maybe error is elsewhere:

  • as in build_settings.xml which should be updated
  • or meaning change for codelite-make --settings=../../../../codelite/build_settings.xml --workspace=Project.workspace --project=app --config=Release --command=build --verbose --execute