Goto Declaration/Implementation stopped working

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Goto Declaration/Implementation stopped working

Post by chrisstjohn »

Since upgrading to 15.0.0 I've found that CodeLite is a lot more stable - it previously crashed frequently for me - but the Goto Declaration/Implementation features no longer work.

I'm using C in a large-ish (14824 files) embedded project that doesn't use a host build system: compilation is via custom build commands that invoke ssh to a VM that shares the project directories.

If I select a function name and point at it a tooltip appears showing me the declaration of that function. However, if I right click and select Goto Declaration nothing happens. Previously it took me to a header file (sometimes not quite the right one because some functions are declared in several places, which is fair enough) but now I don't even get whichever line it used for the tooltip.
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Re: Goto Declaration/Implementation stopped working

Post by eranif »

For this use case, I suggest to disable the language server plugin or reduce c++ code completion priority to 50
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