[ANN] CodeLite 12.0.13 is available

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[ANN] CodeLite 12.0.13 is available

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CodeLite version 12.0.13 is available for download
  • GTK3 build for CodeLite under Ubuntu 18.04 only
  • OSX Mojave support (including dark theme)
  • Many parts of the UI were re-written
  • Even better dark theme support
The following platforms are supported in this release:
  • OSX Bundle built against macOS mojave
  • Windows 64 bit
  • Ubuntu 18.04/64 bit deb file built against GTK3
  • Ubuntu 18.04/64 bit deb file
Linux 18.04 Users:
to install the deb file, you will need to uninstall any old version of CodeLite you might have installed:

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sudo apt-get install gdebi
sudo apt-get purge codelite wxcrafter
sudo gdebi -n /path/to/codelite/deb/file
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