[BETA] wxCrafter 0.2

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[BETA] wxCrafter 0.2

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I have uploaded a new version of wxCrafter (it also includes many changes that were made to codelite ;))

To check the current version of wxCrafter you can see it in Plugins -> Manage plugins -> wxCrafter
Main changes:
- Added the ability to add custom control (controls that derives from wxWidgets base controls). Unlike wxFormBuilder, wxCrafter allows you to create a control and reuse it many times.
To create / edit / delete custom controls access it from: plugins -> wxCrafter context menu - I will upload a tutorial later today or tomorrow
- You can right click on *most* of the components in the designer to access their context menu (this way, instead of right clicking on the tree-view, you can right click on the component itself)
- Removed the 'Save' button from the wxCrafter's toolbar. Use the standard Ctrl-S / Save button from codelite's toolbar
- Re-arranged the toolbar buttons for better usability (place the 'Delete' far from the 'Close Preview' button
- Message box generation now offers a "Dont annoy me again" checkbox (which when checked, wxCrafter will no longer prompt with the "code generation successfully, but instead will place a status bar message
- Dragging a status bar from within the designer will no longer affects codelite ;)
- Tooltip fiend now uses a "Text Editor" when clicked
- Fixed buttons / menu items mnemonics (e.g. you can use &OK to get this OK)
- Fixed bug where wxCrafter did not allow changing the window ID from the wxCombox
- Optimized bitmap generation code (dont re-generate if no change was made)
- Added Ubuntu 32 12.04 build
Download links:

Quick start guide:
http://www.codelite.org/LiteEditor/WxCrafter - I will update it ASAP

Windows: How to install:
You will first need to install codelite+mingw+wx from sourceforge (v4.1)

Next, download wxCrafter installer and install it on top of the existing codelite:


Linux: Ubuntu 12.04 / 64

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