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Fossil-SCM Integration with CodeLite

Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2010 1:33 pm
by aprilmot
Thanks to CodeLite and other OpenSource Developers/Supporters
First I would like thank you for providing such a wonderful IDE(CodeLite).

Myself and Codelite
I started using Codelite for learning wxWidgets programming.
I am using Fossil( ... for version control/documenting/bug/feature management of my hobby projects.

Few Words about Fossil
Fossil is a wonderful tool that integrates VersionControl/Project Wiki/Bugs and Feature Management in a single and simple tool. I would like to integrate this tool with CodeLite.

Please let me know if CodeLite-Fossil Tool integration/plugin is already available. If not please provide me some links to wiki which gives some information about plugin development for CodeLite. I will try to do.

Thank you very much.