GLSL syntax highlight

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GLSL syntax highlight

Post by BrutPitt »

I have write syntax highlight lexers for all CodeLite themes.

It is available on github:

It seems work well, but I have just two questions about some topics.

I state:
I reused the C++ lexer module (Id 3) and redefined 3 internal names:

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"Id:  5" - "C++ keyword"     -> "glsl Keyword"
"Id: 16" - "Workspace tags"  -> "glsl Function"
"Id: 19" - "Local variables" -> "gl_ Variable"
They are associated to:
  • KeyWords0: for keyword and data types
  • KeyWords1: for glsl internal functions
  • KeyWords3: for gl_ reserved words (variables)
While KeyWords2 remains assigned to Doxigen keywords

Now the questions...

1) Is there a way to use KeyWords4?
(because if I assign it I don't see results... eventually also to extend C++ syntax)

2) Exist an alternative method to load/import a external lexers group, instead that add manually to lexers.json?

Thanks in advance.