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{feature request} full dark theme.

Posted: Sun Aug 07, 2016 10:28 pm
by genusis
Well i know we had a github request for this and you dropped it a while back, however I been thinking about what you said. I know the controls can all set their own colors and such and you said that they had some issues but i think maybe it was worth a try to test it in the most recent versions of codelite to see how well it actually works. I have tried to find to find heads or tails of your source though.... I thought it would have at least been navigable and make sense but sadly I'm at a loss wit that LOL. Regardless if you wanted to make a special version for it to test or if you would tell me where to look and what functions i might need to change i will do it and test to see if it works and how well it works out.

Anyways mainly a thought and I hope to at least hear from you as I believe this will help get more users for your editor. This is mainly due to how many people have A.D.D and due to this no matter how many people i show this editor most dislike it because of the dark theme currently. regardless i guess that is solely up to you if you want to help me do it, to do it yourself for a test or to just ignore it. Either way please let me know eranif.