Some feature requests

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Some feature requests

Post by Fox Mulder » Sat Jun 25, 2016 5:11 pm

Hi Eran, Im a long time user of Codelite for my Hobbyprogramming and I love it, so thanks for developing it. Still I have some things I would love to see in CL.
First and most missed is the ability to use two edit windows. I have a 21:9 screen here and I would love to have my hpp and cpp side by side.

Second, CL uses two window layouts. 1st is active while youre editing and second when you enter the debug mode. Its nice to have for the most users I think but if its not to hard to implement, I would love to have an option with just 1 window layout all the time couse the rearangment of windows distracts me a bit. My workaround is to arange both layouts exact the same, so it dont flickers around when entering debug mode, but if I need to rearange 1 window, I need to do it in both modes.

Third, would be great if you could give the Option to center the Toolbar on screen. Would be even better if the Manu could be centered as well. With the unltra wide screens of today it is to much mouse moving from 1 corner to another. Although I dont know if it is possible to do with wxWidgets.

Next some minor visual improvements: I love the edit window aktive tab underline with this nice blue color. Would be nice if you would use same for other panels as well, maybe different colors, or the same.
I love the flat and modern looking disign of CL, still some buttons are shadet to standard look. In the workspace explorer for exaple. The scrollbar is another example. The manu bar is out of place there too. (Dont know if wxWidgeds sopports it)
In general you cant create a true dark theme by now couse there are still some lines and bars staying light- cousing by system colours. Not a deal breaker for me couse I created a nice light theme where everything matches, but I would love to have a true dark theme to relax my eyes a bit for the night sessions.
There are some other super minor visual "defects" if you can even call them defects, but I just stopp complaining by now.
I really love CL and I hope you will continue this project.
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