Find Swapped File bug

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Find Swapped File bug

Post by petah »

Hi Eran,

FindSwappedFile() no longer works in CL trunk, looking at the source it seems you're collection workspace files but never actually iterate over them:

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bool ContextCpp::FindSwappedFile(const wxFileName& rhs, wxStringSet_t& others)


// Check the workspace
        std::vector<wxFileName> files;                     // never used!
        ManagerST::Get()->GetWorkspaceFiles(files, true);

        for(size_t j = 0; j < exts.GetCount(); j++) {
            wxFileName otherFile = rhs;
            if(otherFile.FileExists()) {
                // we got a match
For now I reverted to stable (git tag 9.0), which works fine.


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Re: Find Swapped File bug

Post by eranif »

It does work... only if the "swapped" file is placed in the same folder as the current one
Please open a bug

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