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Is this a bug? Codelite debugger error: Failed to locate gd

Posted: Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:25 am
by zipzit
I'm using CodeLight ver 9.0.4 in Windows 10. I'm using TDM-GCC compiler package, installed at c:/Program Files/TDM-GCC (i.e. Not the default location) When I installed CodeLight it searched for and installed the GCC implementation automatically (from that location.) I didn't touch a thing.

When I run the debugger on my HelloWorld sample, I get an error "Codelite debugger error: Failed to locate gdb!"

To fix I had to change

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 Settings->Build Settings->Compilers->(Compiler Name)->Tools tab->Gdb
Path was pointing to the correct location, but wouldn't compile until I removed the double quotes from that path.

Or wait, perhaps I'm doing this wrong? Anybody know why the quotes were added (and / or why they don't work seamlessly?) Is this a bug in the software?


ref: ... sr-bin-gdb (answer by David Bouyeure)