Bug when using the right click menu

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Bug when using the right click menu

Post by julian » Mon Aug 04, 2014 6:17 pm


This is just to report a bug that is easy to reproduce. I use codelite 6.1 (self compiled) on Ubuntu 14.04. The same bug also shows on previous versions though.

The bug can be repoduced as follows:

In the editor right click to make the menu appear.
Make sure you do it in a place such that part of the menu covers one of your tabs.
Right click on something in the menu that happens to have a tab on the backgroud.
The selection takes place (e.g. Copy) but also the tab in the back is selected.

If you do not realize what is going on you think that Codelite has jumped to that tab for no reason, and it is annoying because you have to go back to your original tab.