Navigate to symble in active project..

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Navigate to symble in active project..

Post by Gibbon1 » Sat Mar 01, 2014 3:17 am

Sorry f I don't know how to tittle this correctly...

I have one of those, smooth rough edges requests about something that likely only annoys me because I have projects in work spaces that share files. (files shared across multiple projects)

When you do a right click -> Goto Declaration, the editor takes you to the first instance of the file in the workspace.

Meaning if I have a function foo() in file bar.c that is included in a couple of projects in a workspace and an active workspace. And I ask codelite to navigate to the declaration or implementation of foo()

ProjectDoe // this project doesn't use bar.c

bar.c <-- codelight opens this 'copy'
ProjectPoo <-- active project
bar.c <-- instead of the one in the active project.

I would think when code light is looking for the file to open in the editor, it should look in the active project first, then the other projects. It's annoying because I have doesn't of files, so when I navigate to a defintion the workspace view gets changes, and often the active project gets scrolled off screen.