Colour workspace tags bug

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Colour workspace tags bug

Post by Fox Mulder » Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:48 am

I have the following options checked:
Tags Options-->Colouring
Colour lokal variables: x
Colour makro blocks... : x
Colour workspace tags: x

class x
struct x
union x
typedef x

If I type

Code: Select all

typedef int  myint;

class myclass
"myint" and "myclass" stay gray as the colour for the default foreground.
if i minimize codelide or open any settings dialog the colour changes to green as the colour for local variables.
if I retag full workspace the same thing happens.
If I save the file the colour changes to purple as the colour for workspace tags(as it should be).

It is not dressy but I could live with that (also I would like if codelite would change the colour after every world or at least after every new line.)

The problem is if I save the project and restart CL everything is green again, if I modify the file to save it again, nothing happens, the same if I retag the workspace, or minimize and maximize codelite.
If I open the tags settings dialog and press OK then I get my purple again.

It seems there is a flip somehow in the colouring tags system.
Im not ready to change it by myself so I hope someone would look for it.

Im using CodeLite 5.3 from Installer
Win7 64bit
I want to believe.