Flashing on scrolling

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Flashing on scrolling

Postby shadoww » Wed May 02, 2018 8:29 am

When scrolling up and down the editor flashes on the top or bottom depending on the direction scrolling. I tested this with version 11 and 9.3 in a Linux MATE VM (mint) and this was no longer present but after reinstalling version 12 it was back. I have seen this on Linux Mint Cinnamon (main machine) and Mate (VM). Has anyone else seen this. I will go back to version 11 for now because it is irritates me.

This can only be seen if using a dark color scheme in the desktop environment. Also when starting a debugging session there is a lot of flashing, this really don't bug me just including as it might lead to a fix.
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Re: Flashing on scrolling

Postby eranif » Thu May 03, 2018 2:29 pm

I replied in the bug you opened on github
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