Customizing the editor

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Customizing the editor

Post by user » Tue Feb 26, 2008 12:52 pm


I'm truing this IDE with a C project. It works great, I'm i,pressed. As i look at a lot of code from different programmers
every day I would like to customized some thing to navigate just a bit quicker.
So I would like a easier back and forte combination to function implementation/declaration using
<CTRL> + <Left Click> and <SHIF>+<CTRL> + <Left Click>

Can I customize it myself without breaking the code I mean. If not could you consider this as a feature request?

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Re: Customizing the editor

Post by eranif » Tue Feb 26, 2008 3:23 pm


The context menu (right click) can not be customized - this will be fixed in the future (near one..)

However, here are some tips for quick navigation:
CodeLite offers several ways to navigate:
- the context navigation and the symbolic navigation

Context navigation:
this navigation is the right click 'Goto definition / decalation', when using this option, CodeLite will parse the whole expression and will jump to the correct def/decl.

Code: Select all

wxString str;
Placing the caret on ToAscii() and then right click 'Goto declaration' CodeLite will jump to wxString's ToAscii() function's declaration.
However, if CodeLite will fails to find to the declaration, it will not jump (obviously...)

Symbol navigation:
The second option is by using symbols search, using the same code as above, but now pressing Ctrl+D, CodeLite displays a dialog with all the knowns symbols 'ToAscii()' regardless the context (in the above code, wxString)

To navigate backward, simply press Ctrl+P or click on the blue arrow in the toolbar (this applies for both navigation methods).

CodeLite keeps a stack of all places you have visited recently.

Anyways, I will consider your request as a 'feature request' if you submit one here ;) : ... unc=browse

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