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Remote Debuggung / Post build commands

Posted: Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:23 pm
by Rainer
I used CodeLite with an external buildroot toolchain to generate a GTK+ application. This application runs on an embedded arm X server.
Code generation and remote debuging works quit nice. Now I want to improve the debuuging procedure.

With post build commands I can strip the code, copy it to the target with scp and restart the target gdbserver.
Unfortunately the commands will also executed when I simply compile a c-file.

1. Can I add somewhere else commands (not debugger commands) which will be executed before starting the debugger ?
I have tried to work with gdbserver --multi and remote put and remote exec-file but this cause some problems with the display resolution on the screen.

2. In the debugger settings a remote target can be specified. Is there any variable like $(ProjectName) available which contain this information ?

Thanks and regards