fastest way to open/build/run already exisiting C program

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fastest way to open/build/run already exisiting C program

Post by greylander » Sun Apr 22, 2018 8:40 am


Maybe my use-case does not come up all that often, but it would be great if CodeLite did this. (Codeblocks can do this, nudge nudge) When grading dozens of homework programs is nice to be able to pop them into a liteweight IDE for examining/testing. But not if I have to create project/add file to project/yada yada.

Optimal: with Codelite associated to .c files, double click a .c file have it open in CodeLite, then click "run" or "start debugging" and if it is a valid C program, have it build & run without issue.

Is anything close to this possible?

It seems I can add a *new* file (without project) build & run. But opening an existing .c program, CodeLite will not build.

Even creating a project, adding the existing .c file and deleting the auto-generated main.c, appears to be insufficient to get a clean build.

Desired: Minimum possible clicks to open/run an existing C file, without jumping through "create new project" "add file to project" hoops, etc. CodeLite could just use either the same folder as the source for intermediate/executable files, or a tmp folder.

Maybe I should put in a feature request?

Thanks for any help.

p.s. CodeLite looks pretty solid. Great work.