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Code Completion

Post by shadoww » Fri Mar 23, 2018 7:29 am

I have a few question about code completion on codelite in C++ on linux.

If I were to type: std::string g(
I would expect code completion to give me a list of constructors to select from but it doesn't however if I type std::string(
It does. Also std::string s = std::string(
works. Is this a bug or working as designed?

When typing in a function name like:
std::string s("hi");
if I accidentally type in the wrong letter as in z the code completion stops and if I backspace out the z the code completion does not restart. Is this as designed?

When defining an initializer list code completion does nothing as in does not give the list of variables to be initialized and does not give the type of the variable you are initializing.
for example VMAPI::VMBase::VMBase() : ID(
does not tell me that it is a uuid or give me a list of possible variables to initialize but it does complete correctly when I type in "I" in ID.
Is this as designed or a feature never attempted?

I'm liking codelite and actually preferring it over clion which I did not expect. I'm mostly wondering if my environment is set up correctly.