Use with global settings

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Use with global settings

Post by jollytall »

Under Workspace/Open Active Project Settings.../Compiler and /Linker the first option is Use with global settings. It has append as the default mode. I assume it would mean that the global settings options and the Compiler Options or Linker Options are added to the list of options. Still it does not work for me.
I have in Settings/Environment Variables.../Default a setting LinkOptions set. Then I also set in the Linker Options something, e.g. --verbose, but it is totally omitted. If I remove the LinkOption= from the Environment Variables then the --verbose works.
My question: Is it a bug, or is the append to global settings is supposed to work only with the Workspace/Open Active Project Settings.../Global Settings? If I put my global setting there then the two are appended. The problem with this approach is that the global setting is not really global, it is lost every time a new project is started. So, as it stands today, either I have to set my global settings for every new project, or I set a global variable, but then I cannot have individual settings for a given project.
How could I have real global settings and project level settings at the same time?

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Re: Use with global settings

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the global means that you can set configuration to be used by all project configuration (its one of the last items in the view)

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