Setting up SFTP plugin with passphrase

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Setting up SFTP plugin with passphrase

Postby rossos » Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:58 pm

I'm struggling to get the SFTP plugin to work with a public/private key pair. I am running the 64-bit 10.0 version on Windows 7. I have both public and private files stored within C:\Users\username\.ssh\ and the host+username information entered correctly within the SFTP plugin "SSH Account Manager". Using the same host information together with putty-converted versions of the same public/private keys, I can connect successfully to a SSH terminal using putty from the same machine. With the SFTP plugin in CL, every time I try to "test connection" from the SSH Account Manager, I am given the error that "Interactive keyboard is not enabled for this server". This happens when I enter the private-key passphrase in the password field, and also when I leave the password field blank to force the SFTP plugin to try the local key files.

I'm not sure how to proceed on debugging this problem; perhaps I'm just using the plugin incorrectly to start with. Any suggestions?
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Re: Setting up SFTP plugin with passphrase

Postby eranif » Sat Oct 07, 2017 9:50 am

I just tested it and it works without a problem (CodeLite on Windows 7, Host machine: Debian 8)
Make sure that:

- file is located under C:\Users\username\.ssh\
- the content of is copied into /home/YOU/.ssh/authorized_keys (assuming you are using Linux machine)
Make sure you have read the HOW TO POST thread
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