How to debug program compiled with VS compiler

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How to debug program compiled with VS compiler

Postby coot » Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:30 pm

[win10 + codelite 10.0.7 + Visual C++ 14 compiler]
Recently, I tried to use codelite + vs compiler to compile program. Now it works. it can compile and run.
However, when I set breakpoint, the program can not stop there. So, what should I do to make debug possible?

PS:1. I have added the /Zi and /debug, the pdb file is available.
2. I tried to use windbg, add it to build settings as gdb. but the debug command always be "windbg.exe --command="C:\Users\NOITOM\AppData\Local\Temp\codelite_gdbinit.txt" --interpreter=mi ", even if I checked the [Use separate debugger args] in project settings. so the windbg report parameter error.

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