Printing hangs codelite on Linux

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Printing hangs codelite on Linux

Postby enry17 » Fri May 19, 2017 11:08 am

I am using codelite for C++ programming and i like it. I have installed now
version 10_unofficial for Debian Jessie stable with gnome desktop and version 9.2 on Linux Mint 17. Generally all
features of the program run fine but not the fundamental printing function (Menu File->Print).

A request to Print hangs the program with high cpu load both in Mint and Debian Jessie. Indeed
hang happens also if i ask to print the source code to a simple PDF file on disk. This is a severe and macroscopic
bug and i do not understand, if it is general one, why it is not corrected or taken into account. Is this bug
related only to Linux ? Is this bug known to other users or developers ?

I have seen in this forum that other users have asked a similar question but without any reaction or answer
as if the problem is considered negligible. In fact this is a major problem and i am considering now
to migrate from the use of codelite to the program codeblock that seems very similar.
But i should prefer to continue using codelite.

Have you any answer or suggestion ?
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Re: Printing hangs codelite on Linux

Postby eranif » Tue May 23, 2017 12:48 am

This looks like a regression in wxWidgets (the GUI library)
It seems to also occurs with their sample code - so there is nothing we can really do about this
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